Cabinet Refinishing

white kitchen

Cabinets are usually an obvious indicator of your home’s age. If it was built in the ’80s, you probably have gold-toned oak cabinets. In the ’90s, light woods like maple or white-washed finishes were popular. Replacing cabinets to update your home is very expensive but there is an alternative. Cabinet refinishing delivers dramatic results and an instant “face-lift” to your kitchen, bathrooms, and cabinetry. Using a multi-step process, we sand, prime, and repaint your cabinetry with the sheen of your choice. The results are impressive. Our interior painting service for cabinet refinishing can boost enhance and update the look of your bathrooms and kitchen in Boise, Idaho.
Cabinets can be painted a high-gloss white, very dark, or almost any color in between.

Going from a painted cabinet to a stain is a more complex process and requires a complete stripping of the paint prior to preparation for stain. It is usually more expensive, but we can deliver the same stunning results and “WOW Factor”. Hiring a AAA Action Painting as your professional painter in Boise will ensure professional results and a beautiful transformation that stands the test of time. For a cost-saving alternative to, replacing your cabinets, call us to discuss cabinet refinishing. If you can dream it, we can achieve it. Schedule an estimate today.